Cathy’s Story

Why I Became A Massage Therapist

by Cathy Oliver LMP

I first became interested in massage therapy 10 years ago.  I was living alone for the first time, and wasn’t having much contact with anyone outside of my job.  I began to suffer from depression and headaches.  It was suggested that I see a massage therapist for my headaches, since they had become debilitating.  My first session completely floored me.  As soon as the therapist put her hands on me, I felt a sense of relief and well-being that I hadn’t felt in months.  As I continued treatment, the headaches subsided and the depression began to lift.

Some months later I found myself at a crossroads with my job.  I didn’t want to continue what I was doing, but I didn’t know what else I wanted to do.  My family suggested I look into massage therapy as a profession, as they felt I had always had a kind touch.  I researched the schools in my area (Kalamazoo, MI), and during the introductory night at The Kalamazoo Center for the Healing Arts, I decided that I wanted to be a massage therapist and that I wanted to train there.

My 21 months at KCHA were enlightening.  I learned so much about massage, and even more about myself.  During this time I decided I wanted to leave Michigan.  I finished my training at KCHA and then decided to come to Seattle.  Making this move would mean that I would have to return to school in Washington, but I felt that being a massage therapist in a city I loved was worth the extra time and money to return to school.

Once getting settled in Seattle, I found The Northwest Academy for the Healing Arts.  This school focused almost exclusively on treatment massage, where KCHA focused on relaxation massage and, most importantly, taking care of yourself as a practitioner.  My time at NWA was well spent, and I feel I learned a lot that I didn’t get at KCHA.  I feel that I am a more informed, thoroughly trained therapist and that my clients can benefit from my dual training.

I feel that becoming a massage therapist was worth every choice I made and all the time I put into it.  This is my dream career, and I look forward to being the best therapist I can be.

Cathy Oliver LMP

Bothell Chiropractic | Massage Lynnwood



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