The “Check Engine” Light For Your Spine

ImageOur cars come with a neat little light that let’s us know when something isn’t working right and we need to take the car in to get it checked out.  It’s designed to come on BEFORE disaster strikes; the car might even be acting just fine.  If ignored, you could end up stranded on the side of the freeway with a smoking engine.  How embarrassing, not to mention costly and time-consuming!  Better to pay attention to that neat light and get the engine checked ASAP.

Enough about cars.  I’m sure you know where this is heading.  How do you know when it’s time to get your spine checked?  Is there any “check engine” light for your spine, that will let you know when something is out of balance and you’re headed for a painful, costly, and life disrupting breakdown if you don’t fix something?

Fortunately, our bodies DO give us warnings, if we’re awake enough to hear them.  The problem is that most people are really good at ignoring their bodies “check engine” light.  Some people even believe that it’s normal for their bodies “check engine” light to be on all the time!

Learning to listen to your bodies warning signals can help prevent spinal disasters so that you can keep doing the activities that you love to do. Ignore these signs, and you’re asking for trouble.

Signs You Need To “Check Spine”

  • You hear or feel creaking or crackling in your joints when you move.
  • Your muscles are “tight” or sore.
  • You can’t turn your head or bend your back as far as you used to.You have headaches.
    Your back or neck is stiff, especially in the morning.
  • You have Discomfort,  Numbness, or Tingling in your butt or back of leg.

This is definitely not a complete list.  And remember, every person’s “check spine” signals are different.  One of my signals is tightness in the front of my right hip.  That’s my body’s way of telling me that if I don’t get an adjustment soon, my low back is going to be angry, and I won’t be able to go rock climbing for a while.  Eeeek!

Please give us a call if you need to get your spine “checked”.  We’re happy to help!

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